The famous fans and followers of Homeopathy

Enthusiasts, admirers and proponents of HomeopathyWhat does Mother Teresa, Charles Darwin, David Beckham and the Royal Family of England have in common? It is not just that they are famous. The fact is that they are all ardent advocates of Homeopathy. There are good reasons that so many of the most successful and famous people over the past 200 years used and advocated for homeopathy. The major reason why they prefer homeopathy is because the homeopathic treatments are tailor made.

See some among them here.

Mahathma Gandhi
Mother Teresa
Queen Elizabeth II
Bill Clinton
Charles Darwin
Abraham Lincoln
David Beckham
Hillary Clinton
Boris Becker
Sir.Richard Branson
Bernard Shaw
Mark Twain
Sir Yehudi Menuhin
Martina Navratilova
Pamela Anderson
John D. Rockefeller
Arthur Conan Doyle
Lindsay Wagner
Paul McCartney
Charles Dickens
Cindy Crawford
Usain Bolt
Catherine Zeta Jones


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